Tuesday, November 6, 2012

What this country needs most on Election Day

...is a fair election. One that any rational conservative, moderate or liberal would accept.

One without voter fraud or voter suppression.

One where the people and organizations paying for every ad, flyer, rally, robocall and email is known.

One where a handful of billionaires can't drown out the voices of everyone else.

One where the voters have been trained in critical thinking.

One where no politician can lie or deceive without being called on it as publicly as the lie/deception was made.

One where no President can be elected that doesn't represent a majority of voters.

One where every adult American is registered automatically via a nationwide universal biometric ID database like the one India has been implementing, and no one--not even serial killers on Death Row--is disenfranchised.

One where no one has to wait in line to vote more than an hour.

One where no faction can get away with claiming they lost through chicanery if they didn't.

One where every state's elections are run by a nonpartisan organization--not by partisan officials whose careers are predicated on them delivering their state to their patrons.

One where every state sends its electors in proportion to that state's vote, rather than a winner take all system that makes every state but a handful irrelevant.

If, after the election, many millions of Americans have solid reason to believe that their side lost through chicanery, then American democracy will have become a cautionary tale for other nations rather than a shining beacon.

And even if the presidential election itself was conducted fairly, if the public opinion expressed in that election was manufactured through massive, well-financed, lying and deceptive propaganda campaigns, once again we become a cautionary tale.

And even if the presidential election rises above the tidal waves of propaganda flooding the nation, if many state legislatures and state supreme courts and congressional seats have been purchased by billionaires' money spent via secret contributions, again we become a cautionary tale.

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