Wednesday, November 7, 2012

President Re-Elect Obama should offer Gov. Romney...

Yes, President Obama should ask Governor Romney to accept the post of Secretary of Business in his new cabinet.

That's the kind of thing Lincoln did. Romney's a smart guy. He knows a lot about business--albeit more as a financier. He has said he isn't running for office again, so taking a post in a Democratic administration wouldn't hurt any career options he's got now.

It would have to be a real job, not a figurehead position. But President Obama has already shown he can do this with he appointment of Bob Gates--a Republican--as Secretary of Defense during his first term. And with President Obama's appointment of his chief Democratic rival to the post of Secretary of State.

So as long as it was a real job, what better way to show his willingness to compromise than to do this? And what better way for the Republicans to show that they heard the voice of the people than to encourage the governor to accept it?

"It's time for our leaders to reach across the aisle."
--Mitt Romney, last night, in his concession speech, speaking to his supporters

I sure hope that everyone who respected his ideas enough to vote for him will respect his ideas to support compromise with the other side now.

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