Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ovama vs. Obama

The Publican leadership knows full well that whoever wins the GOP nomination will be someone who doesn't thrill the average Publican voter. Most likely it will be Mitt Romney, whom a quarter of Publican voters believe is inescapably Hell-bound regardless of his deeds in this life, because he's a Mormon.

Of course these Fundamentalists believe President Obama is equally Hell-bound, despite his professed Christianity, because some believe he's a Muslim mole, others believe no Christian could attend a church Rev. Wright preached at, and many of them appear to believe that you can't be both a Christian and a Democrat (!).

You can win an election by either having a lovable, inspiring candidate--or by having a hateable opponent.

The GOP Ministry of Propaganda now knows they aren't getting an inspiring candidate regardless; so they must focus on making Obama the Anti-Christ incumbent--someone so demonic that rank and file Publicans will man the phone banks, give old folks rides to the polls. And meanwhile, behind the scenes, they must focus on suppressing the Democratic vote.

Because to win all you need is fewer votes for the other guy, in the right districts.

So wherever Publicans hold sway in a state they have jiggered the rules about voting to keep as many people as possible from voting if they're Democrats.

And the coming avalanche of secret money--blessed by the Supremes--will focus on painting Obama as being responsible for every bad thing imaginable, while the candidate will act like a nice guy. Possible since the dirty work done in his name won't be traceable to him. Because as long as the Supremes have their hyperconservative faction with five votes, President Bush II will remain in power in one branch of government at least.

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