Sunday, January 29, 2012

Romney is right

Governor Romney presents America with the 1% Solution: the solution the richest 1% of Americans offer the rest of us to solve America's economic problems.

Romney has repeatedly reinforced President Reagan's mantra that the government is the problem, corporatists like Romney the solution. He has stated repeatedly that Obama stands for the European Nanny State that gives people money who don't deserve it, sapping initiative and imposing foreign ideals on Americans.

So his solution is to downsize government, reduce regulation, cut back entitlements, cut taxes.

That last one is key: Romney's detailed proposals would cut his own personal taxes by tens of thousands of dollars a year for the rest of his life. 

But that's a good thing, see, because if you don't cut Mr. Romney's taxes by a big chunk, he'll get all sad and won't create any more jobs. Or creatively destroy any more jobs, which is apparently just as good. Who knows, maybe he'd even move to a tax haven like the Cayman Islands, just to pick a tax haven at random...

I had no idea multimillionaires were so emotionally fragile. 

Bottom line: anyone who doesn't subscribe to the Platform of/by/for the 1% subscribes to the Soviet Model of top-down Total Government Control of Everything. There's no in-between. Anyone who proposes an in-between position--like President Obama--is lying, according to Governor Romney--they're just dissembling about their Federal Government Uber Alles beliefs.

Your ONLY choice is between Governor Romney's 1% Solution and President Obama's European Socialist solution (according to Governor Romney). 

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