Monday, January 16, 2012

Why Huntsman never had a chance

Huntsman and Romney are both intelligent--a big negative for many Republican primary voters--but Romney is more than willing to say dumb things for votes, while Huntsman obstinately insisted on saying things that showed thinking behind them.

He doesn't get red-faced and shout Socialist! Communist! when Obama's name is mentioned.

He doesn't hate science, even though scientific research reveals things nobody wants to hear.

He doesn't say refer to half the country contemptuously as "Libs" or "Dems."

He didn't have his "independent PAC" (nudge nudge wink wink) carry out massive character assassination assaults on his foes while playing the genial smiling guy like Romney does routinely.

He doesn't treat any idea from anywhere but America as automatically wrong (this is what "American Exceptionalism" actually means). And he doesn't use the word "European" as a curse word, as Romney does.

President Eisenhower would recognize him as a Republican, unlike any of the other Republican contenders.

He's a conservative, not a reactionary.

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