Friday, January 13, 2012

The worst way to attack Mitt Romney to claim that he's a racist because the Mormon Church denied blacks the priesthood back in the day.

There's plenty to criticize Mitt Romney about. This isn't one of them. The LDS church definitively abandoned its racial discrimination policy on June 8, 1978. And decades before that it had officially supported full civil rights for blacks, and even before then blacks were free to join the church.

Today the church has many hundreds of thousands of members, particularly in the Caribbean, Africa, and Brazil. Look up Black Mormons in Wikipedia.

So ding Romney on classism, being the Layoff King, lying about Obama constantly, using underhanded propaganda techniques in all his speeches, acting like the nice guy while his surrogates do his dirty work...but not Mormon institutional racism.

It will only discredit legitimate objections to his becoming president.

And that's why I'm concerned. The MSNBC Ed Shultz show already has gone down this rabbit hole. It won't help.

And anyway, pragmatically speaking, all ten Black Republicans are going to vote for Romney no matter what you say and all the millions of Black Democrats are going to vote for Obama no matter what you say about alleged Mormon racism. So all such accusation really do is trigger the anger of white working class people at being accused of racism because some/many/all of their parents/grandparents/great-grandparents were racist.

I guarantee you it will backfire.

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