Friday, October 26, 2012

Does Square Romney trump Cool Obama?

CNN pundit Alex Castellanos apparently predicted a Romney win because he's square like a majority of Americans while Obama's coolness--his associations with movie stars, being able to sing like Al Green (Romney's singing is a little painful to listen to)--such coolness is offputting to America's Squrare Majority.

America does have a Square Majority of voters, since younger people tend not to vote, and even young conservatives are a lot less square than their parents--not being bothered by homosexual marriage, for example.

But there's a problem with Square Romney being more appealing to voters than Cool Obama: lying. I know a lot of squares. My own spouse is proudly square (albeit a lot less square than her siblings). But my spouse is also truthful, and the other squares I know are generally very truthful, while in the sphere of politics at least Romney isn't just a liar, but a pants-on-fire serial liar whose lying includes impeaching the personal character of his opponent, all the while looking like the very soul of honesty.

So that's the problem with this reduction of the presidential race to atmospherics.

Real squares are really square--which precludes being a real liar and a backstabber (and a frontstabber to boot).

Obviously Bishop Romney is honest and fair to his wife, children, and parishoner-equivalents. So how does he justify the radical difference in honesty with Candidate Romney?

I speculate that it's elitism. Romney was born to rule, he believes. His father was a ruler. He had an elite upbringing, and experience elite success running an investment business. His wife is the woman he'd wanted to marry. He gets what he wants. He's smart. He got an elite education. He's a leader in his church.

And all this justifies him lying, and lying, and lying--along with refusing to reveal his tax returns unlike other presidential candidates. He plans to be a Good Ruler, but that doesn't include telling us the truth.

Because we are not his equals. We are to be his subjects, grateful to have such a beneficent ruler.

Hail Romney!

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