Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Romney's jobs plan is....

Governor Romney's jobs plan is for the government to do nothing about jobs--no spending on our infrastructure, which is now approaching that of a third world country. No spending on public sector jobs--no more teachers, cops, firemen.

His "jobs plan" is lower taxes--especially for the rich. Then businesses will hire people. Just like they did when Bush II and the Republican Congress lowered taxes.

Only they didn't. Because "supply side" economics doesn't work, has never worked, will never work.

Saying you're all about jobs all the time sounds great if you're concerned about jobs. Unless you look at what he means by what he says, and what he means is a rejection that government can help produce jobs in any way other than by withering away (the last people who talked about the government withering away were the Communists BTW).

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