Monday, October 22, 2012

"The biggest threat to world security is a nuclear Iran"

That's what Mitt Romney just said in the third presidential debate.

Um, Iran isn't nuclear. So "is" "nuclear" and "Iran" don't go together. Obviously Iran is working hard--really hard--on developing nuclear capability.

But Pakistan is nuclear today--not just nuclear energy, but nuclear weaponry. It is also, unlike Iran, politically unstable, with a substantial part of its governing structures hating America, and a majority of its populace hating America. And it has a large, active, radical Islamist element--elements, actually--and even non-radical (by their standards) Pakistanis are, in a majority, radical by Western standards.

Iran is a potential danger, and that danger must not be overlooked. But to put that above the real and present threat of nuclear Pakistan is ridiculous.

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