Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Half of America wants a CEO; the other half wants a President.

Given that America is split down the middle about Romney vs. Obama--and about what the job is. Those for Romney want America to have a CEO. What they may not realize is that there's a fundamental difference between a CEO and America's presidency: Congress doesn't work for the President. It's a totally independent entity. There's no equivalent to that in a CEO's organization--everyone in his company works for him, and he can fire anyone who opposes him.

But if the Senate retains its Democratic majority, Senator Reid won't be working for a President Romney. Romney would say he understands that, but his behavior in last night's debate showed a man who believes himself to be the superior--by virtue of his enormous wealth?--to both the moderator and the President. He treated Candy Crowley like an employee, and the President of the United States like a competitor for a major contract where Romney has all the cards.

This is not the behavior of a bully--not exactly. A real bully bullies everyone all the time. Romney is quite pleasant with those who acknowledge his superior status.

I suspect he's been this way all his life. The high school incident where he organized other students to waylay the school's eccentric boy with the long hair to hold him down and cut that hair is no different from his behavior in last night's debate. He didn't torment or harass the odd boy in his high school. He just did what it took to make him conform to Boy Mitt's dress standards.

A small panel of Ohio undecided voters after the debate leaned slightly in Mitt Romney's direction after the debate. So obviously the behavior I found to be condescending and arrogant seems to have struck them as just fine--commanding and dominant like they'd expect an Alpha male to act. They bought off on Mitt's assertion that as a successful CEO he knew what to do with the economy and the jobs issue.

So while I didn't think Romney made his case for America needing a CEO (as Herbert Hoover was) instead of a President, much less himself, around half the country is still buying what he's peddling.

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