Saturday, October 6, 2012

The one question the Prez must ask the Guv in the next debate

"Governor Romney: is there ANY bill a Republican Congress could send you that you would veto? Because your own policy positions can only become law if Congress passes the bills you say you want. If a Republican Congress chooses to ignore your positions and sends you pure Tea Party bills, isn't it true that you will sign them?

"For example, a bill that repeals Obamacare in its entirety, killing its restrictions of healthcare insurers dumping people who actually get sick? You said you wanted to preserve some aspects of Obamacare. But what if Congress ignores you and gives you the "Repeal" without any of the "Replace" ? You'd sign that in a New York second, wouldn't you? If you wouldn't, say so now. Otherwise your silence is assent.

"How about laws mirroring the most restrictive state laws on abortion? Laws handing the military multibillion-dollar weapons systems it hasn't even asked for because they send money to key Congressmen's districts? Laws handing huge tax cuts for the rich that stick ordinary taxpayers with the bill? Laws on drugs that help the "war on drugs" establishment continue its as-fruitless-as-Prohibition-was efforts to keep billions of dollars flowing into the "drug war" enforcement complex? Laws that destroy FDR's New Deal--Medicare and Social Security, privatizing both with cheapskate vouchers that will leave many oldsters having to choose between medicine and food? Laws restoring the ban on homosexuals in the military?

"Because the moderate positions you now say you want--as opposed to the "severely conservative" things you said to get the Republican/Tea Party nomination--are meaningless unless you are willing to state now, unequivocally, that you will veto measures more extremist than those of Romney 2.0."

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