Sunday, October 28, 2012

Governor Romney isn't a right wing extremist. But he isn't a moderate either.

Seems like the general public believes Mitt Romney is a moderate Republican, while the Hard Right also believes he's a moderate--but who will sign any bill a Hard Right Congress sends him.

I think the Hard Right is right about this. But that means the Mitt is neither Hard Right nor Moderate Right. A moderate would veto radical legislation. A radical Republican would veto moderate legislation. Either way a politician with a political philosophy will promote that political philosophy.

And while the Mitt is clearly a Republican and has never in his life as far as I can tell strayed outside the outermost bounds of the the Republiverse, he shows no allegiance to any particular political philosophy within that spectrum. He reverses important policy positions depending on the audience and the time of day, often saying one thing, then having his peeps tell the press he actually meant the opposite of that (after the public he was speaking to heard the first thing while, like, 1% of them hear the reversal.

He does, however, show strict and steadfast adherence to a different philosophy: that he's entitled to rule us.

That's the only political philosophy we could ascribe to him that fits all the things he and his peeps have said over the past four years he's been running for President.

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