Monday, October 8, 2012

Mitt Romney's pitch: "Trust me."

"I promise I'll do right by you. Just trust me. You little people don't need to know what my taxes have been. Just trust me. You little people don't need to know how I'll confound all the economists who say my arithmetic doesn't add up--that I can't amp up defense spending and give you a big tax cut and make it all happen with nothing more than closing loopholes and entitlements. Just trust me. And so what if the facts and figures I reel off in debates exaggerate the truth by two to ten times? That's just politics. So trust me.

"You see, I'm a really smart, really important person. I was born to rule you. It's not your job to question me. It's your job to obey me, just as it's the job of a CEO's employees to obey him. And being President of the United States of America is exactly like being the CEO of a small investment firm. A CEO makes the best President, as Herbert Hoover and Jimmy Carter proved.

"So just trust me. And leave those messy little details to your betters."

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