Sunday, June 17, 2012


Something I never hear anyone on the Right explain--not from the rank and file, not from the pols, not from the pundits: what accounts for the 100% line-up between every single thing the GOP calls for where serious money is involved...and what America's richest 1% want (apart from a few spoilsports like George Soros and Bill Gates and that great class traitor Warren Buffet)?

That is, the obsession with abortion is just a sop. What counts is the little things that get written into laws that give a particular company or cartel a particular advantage, and the legislative and regulatory climate in which those billion dollar favors for million dollar contributions take place.

The talk of freedom and Big Government is window dressing. If Romney becomes president he will profit personally and significantly. So will Republican congressmen. And so will their super-rich patrons, by orders of magnitude.

So show me how the GOP hasn't become the sock puppets of the ultra rich?

What other conclusion explains how exquisitely the GOP's platform has been crafted to bring even more comfort to the comfortable and even more affliction to the afflicted?

And what has Mitt Romney proposed that could decrease his personal fortune in any way? Do you really think that every single thing that enriches Mitt Romney enriches the average taxpayer--or even the average Republican taxpayer?

Same goes for the overall GOP platform. Do you really believe that anything whatsoever that reduces any of the streams of money flowing in the Cayman Islands "headquarters" of corporate America is also bad for the rest of us? Really?

The way North and South America's eastern coastline lines up so well with the western coastline of Africa and Europe isn't a coincidence. It comes from the fact that they were once joined, a few geological epochs ago.

Neither is the lineup between the Republican leadership and the billionaires whose desires they serve so diligently. 

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