Thursday, June 28, 2012

Take note of everyone who said ObamaCare is unconstitutional

There are lots of laws I'd like to see repealed, whether they're constitutional or not. So right wingers are entitled to hate ObamaCare. But they're not entitled to say it's unconstitutional. 

And they weren't entitled to say it's unconstitutional before today's ruling, as if they not only sat on the Supreme Court themselves but could read the minds of at least four other justices, and read them before they were made up--so a bit of time travel to boot. Even constitutional lawyers who have argued many cases before the Supreme Court don't do that. They know better.

Of course anyone was entitled to say they thought this law was unconstitutional. Just not to declare something constitutional or unconstitutional as a plain fact. 

That's arrogance.

It is extremely telling that the swing vote in today's 5-4 majority was Justice Roberts, one of the very conservative justices. Unless someone can prove that Justice Roberts is a socialist mole, his presence in the majority means not that he is even a liberal--he most assuredly is not--but that he understands the Constitution...possibly better than Rush Limbaugh, astonishing as that might seem. Understands it well enough to vote against his "side" and possibly his personal inclinations.

So you should take note of everyone--from personal acquaintance to Congressman to commentator--who said ObamaCare was unconstitutional before today. Such people proved by saying so that they didn't respect their own limits--and that they didn't respect the intelligence, authority and experience of others. This is the hallmark of the partisan ideologue--utter contempt for anyone and any idea that doesn't match their own.

Today Romney's response was that on his first day of office "I will act to repeal ObamaCare." 

What action might that be? We don't have a monarchy; he isn't running to be King Romney. Even with a Republican majority in Congress, all the Democrats have to do is employ the tactics the Republicans in the Senate have been using every single day since President Obama took office, and they will probably be able to block anything coming up from the House. He can't simply declare ObamaCare invalid on his say-so. 

So what he said is very close to being a lie. This has nothing to do with political persuasions. It has to do with character. And Romney's character is marked by his total comfort with lying--at least in the political sphere--effortlessly and constantly.

The American public, by a large majority, hates ObamaCare and wants it repealed. Um, except for its provisions, most of which they love, when asked about them one by one.

That, my friends, is the power of propaganda, fueled by a vast war chest. Be sure to ask your conservative friends and acquaintances about this when they cite majority opposition to ObamaCare. Even the name they've given the ACA (Affordable Care Act)--ObamaCare--is propaganda, because it personalizes a large, complex act that was crafted by a large committee and enacted after passing a gauntlet of special interests who stuffed it with compromises that President Obama certainly didn't want. Calling it ObamaCare makes it all about one person (a BLACK person, which they'll never say but they'll constantly show you), and lets you forget about its provisions and just focus on hating the person who headed the effort to pass it. 

Propaganda hates complexity, hates ideas really--loves pushing everything down to personal animosities. That's what branding it ObamaCare means and does.

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