Thursday, June 14, 2012

Who favors big government? small government?

Groups who favor more government and more regulation:

1. Democrats
2. Public employee unions and members
3. Communists and Socialists
4. Europeans (both "European Socialists" and "European Conservatives" relative to American Conservatives)(actually, the citizens and politicians of nearly every other rich country)
5. Control freaks with the personality of a 10 year old girl hall monitor

Groups who favor less government and less regulation

1. Republicans (except when it comes to abortion, mind-altering drugs, homosexuality, and building and staffing more prisons)
2. Wall Street executives, bankers, hedge fund managers
3. Corporate CEOs, Chamber of Commerce, small business owners who believe what helps Fortune 500 corporations helps them
4. Libertarians, Tea Party types, Militia/Survivalist types, White Southerners still angry at General Sherman and Abraham Lincoln, Christianist Dominionists who believe government should be small and weak until they take it over
5. Anarchists / nihilists
6. Illegal immigrants and citizens of other countries who plan to come/stay here illegally
7. Counterfeiters, Internet scam artists, con men, Ponzi schemers, check kiters, child support & spousal support deadbeats, unlicensed contractors, smugglers, poachers, gun runners, shoplifters, airline baggage handlers who are also baggage thieves, burglars, car thieves, bike thieves, insider traders, politicians who want to augment their government income with private bribes and favors, developers who want to build projects that violate zoning regulations and long term city planning models
8. Bank robbers, muggers, serial killers, rapists, child traffickers, pimps, people who run sweat shops staffed with enslaved illegal immigrants, drug dealers, gangbangers, extortionists, organized crime, guys who knock up girls then abandon them, wife beaters, thugs
9. People who resent all authority, who have retained the personality of a five year old boy

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