Thursday, June 7, 2012

NPR really does veer left when it comes to illegal immigration

Sadly, I don't think the Powers That Be at National Public Radio even realize when they've gone into propaganda mode. This saddens me because my spouse and I have been public TV/radio subscribers for decades, and I can't stand to get the news from commercial radio, where ads interrupt the news it seems like every three minutes and last for three minutes. Regardless of bias, it's the constant yelling at me by the ads that made me switch channels.

I've observed that the Left is most blind to their own bias when it comes to illegal immigration. This morning's example was completely truthful--no lies were told. So NPR can tell itself that means it's not biased.

The news item was a Thai kid brought here illegally as a little child who just graduated college with honors and is trying to get into med school. He sounds like a model citizen (apart from not being a citizen).

The Leftist mindset goes "This guy didn't bring himself here illegally. So being here illegally is not his fault. And he's a great guy who'd be a great contributor to our society. Therefore give him citizenship and a scholarship to med school."

What the Leftist mindset doesn't comprehend is the idea that laws are based on principles, not individual circumstances. Or they comprehend this but think it doesn't matter. Patriotism is so twentieth century. We're beyond that now...

There are a fair number of people who are here illegally through no fault of their own. Some of them are like Thai Guy here--college grad, regular boy scout, future doctor. Some of them are gangbangers. Some of them are just high school dropouts who will work menial unskilled jobs the rest of their life, in competition with citizen dropouts whose unemployment rate is sky-high--over 20% I believe.

So the question is not should Thai Guy get a free ride. It's whether every person brought here illegally should get to stay here because it isn't their fault, and get a college slot--maybe a scholarship to boot--if they qualify.

Well, news flash. It's not their fault. And it's not my fault. It's their parent's fault. This country owes them nothing except emergency medical care (followed hopefully by deportation).

Thai Guy isn't "undocumented." He's documented all right--with Thai citizenship papers. He is a legitimate citizen of Thailand, which isn't exactly Aghanistan, and he has all the rights and duties of any other citizen of Thailand.

And his perfect command of English and an American college degree would stand him in good stead in a tourism-oriented nation like Thailand. Thailand also has hospitals catering to medical tourism. Thailand is a valid place to live. I haven't been there personally, but I've been to neighboring Indonesia half a dozen times, and I could live there. It has a lot of pleasing features as a country, and so does Thailand (except for the draconian laws about "insulting the royal family").

I'm fine with Thai Guy applying for a green card from Thailand. I'd even be willing to not hold his current illegal status against him as long as he decamps to Thailand now that he's an adult and knows he's here illegally. I'd also be willing to give him a big plus on his application for being totally fluent in English and a college graduate and familiar with our culture. In the world of would-be immigrants, all those things would place him high on the waiting list in my book.

I'm just not willing to let him stay here along with all the far less desirable people I'd have to let stay with him if I made an exemption for him and thus let his parents off the hook.

And see, there's the biggest reason for making Thai Guy go home to a home he knows nothing about (as I knew nothing about Indonesia the first time I went): letting him stay tells aliens who want the best for their kids and don't want to wait their come here illegally, knowing that America will eventually let their darling child(ren) stay here without making them wait their turn.

Does it steam you if you're waiting in a long line for something you need and some punk cuts in line in front of you and everyone else? It happened to me last 4th of July. We were on the beach waiting for the fireworks and I had to use the PortaPotty. Long lines. After I'd waited there in line for a long time, dancing from one foot to the other, a pair of teenaged boys swaggered up and just popped into the PortaPotty. This happened several times in fact.

Now imagine how amnesty for Thai Guy would make people who'd waited ten years to come here feel.

NPR does this kind of "human interest story" time after time after time. Never--well, once in the past ten years, in my regular listening experience--do they cover anyone but illegal alien saints with sob stories. The low lifes and criminals and unskilled laborer high school dropouts? Nada about them. And the sociologists and economists and immigration specialists and legal immigrants Thai Guy wants to cut in line in front of get no air time on NPR, to balance the story out in some way. Instead they quote militant advocacy groups like the Southern Poverty Law Conference or The Race when they want authoritative figures and arguments.

As I said, not a single lie was told by NPR this morning about Thai Guy. That's better than them just lying about everything, like Mitt Romney does routinely, every day, and never corrects or apologizes for even when his lying is definitively revealed, He just keeps on lying, with that patented Concerned Citizen look on his face.

I guess Dr. House was right (from the TV show that just ended): "Everybody lies." But I expect it from Republicans. I don't from NPR, which has made such an over commitment to veracity. Very, very disappointing.

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