Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cyberwarfare and treason

Today, GOP Ministry of Propaganda spokespuppet John McCain traded in his military credibility once again by attacking the Obama administration for leaking details of our cyberwarfare against Iran to the New York Times' reporter David Sanger.

First, this is a lie at its very foundation. The Obama administration has never betrayed the trust of the American people and its spies like the Republicans did by outing a CIA spy and thus all her contacts abroad, for the petty reason of political revenge.

The only reason the NY Times could talk about this cyberwarfare is because a revision of the software "misbehaved" and thus revealed its existence and purpose to the Iranians and their Russian allies. Up to that point the Iranians had just believed that their nuclear power/weapons development systems were crappy and/or their engineers were crappy. But then a bug in a rev of the software let the cat out of the bag.

Moreover, the NY Times and David Sanger redacted all operational details that might tell our enemies anything they didn't know.

Now the Republicans know all this--they aren't idiots. Just amoral. The purpose of their denunciation is to bury the fact that the Obama administration is pursuing our interests abroad as aggressively and effectively as the Republicans pretend to be and aren't (as in attacking the country that had nothing to do with 9/11 while simultaneously letting the author of the attack and his henchmen go free.

One of the fundamental laws of the Ministry of Propaganda is: Attack the strengths of the GOP's enemies. They did it to Senator Kerry with the phony Swiftboat campaign (abetted by Kerry's ridiculous military salute at the Democratic convention). Now they're doing it to President Obama, with complete nonsense like Mitt Romney--who constantly reveals his ignorance of foreign affairs--giving President Obama an "F" in foreign affairs efficacy, and by today's attack on President Obama by John McCain, who as an ex-military man himself and someone who once showed signs of integrity before abandoning it for political gain, should know better (and probably does).

The Ministry of Propaganda is distressed by President Obama's intelligent, forceful pursuit of our interests abroad, free of the Republicans' specialty--big talk that just panders to the bottom half of Amercans' IQ bell curve. His cyberwarfare campaign, continuing what President Bush started, to his credit, is a prime example of this. And the Ministry of Propaganda doesn't just believe in calling patriots traitors, it also believes in always stepping on the other sides' lines.

You see this on political talk shows, where the Republican operatives routinely interrupt the Democrats on any panel, feigning choleric outrage at whatever the Democrat says, and accusing any host that tries to stop them of being So-shul-ist tools.

Welcome to the New Republican Party--the party of swaggering bullies who treat the truth purely operationally.

They're coming to resemble the conservative political parties of Turkey, Egypt, Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries more and more. I await their trying to make it a felony to criticize a Republican.

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