Monday, June 11, 2012

Duelling gaffes

So Obama says the private sectors' doing fine. Then Romney says the message of Wisconsin is that Americans want fewer fire fighters, cops and teachers.

What Obama said was a flub. He was trying to say that overall the number of jobs in the private sector is increasing while the number of public sector jobs is decreasing significantly. Which is factually correct.

What Romney said was exactly what he meant--as proven by his repeating it.

And it makes sense. Romney's kinfolk will never need to send their kids to a public school. He's set all his kids up as millionaires, using some clever--and legal--tax dodges. Romney and his class generally live in gated communities with private security and fire protection.

Now maybe you don't, but if you don't, well, why should Mr. Romney make up for your laziness and unAmericanness in not picking right millionaire parents, like he did, and in not parlaying the privileges of his class into a great personal fortune. Why should the fortune-ate feel any sense of connection to the rest of us? You're just a socialist if you think so.

And that's no gaffe. It's the honest subtext that Mr. Romney reveals in all those off-the-cuff comments.

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