Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The NY Times isn't a liberal newspaper

Well, not liberal in the sense that its editorials are certainly liberal, but its editorial page has some conservative voices as regular contributors as well as liberal ones, and all of that is separated from its reportage, which is generally centrist/factual (with exceptions like a steady stream of human interest stories on saintly illegal immigrants). But it's not a huge tilt.

Take today's Politics section (this is a news section, not the editorial page). Here are the descriptions of the lead items:

>> Interactive: Selective Storytelling From the Stump
An interactive comparison provides analysis and context to some of the candidate’s truths, half-truths and exaggerations.

In Romney and Obama Speeches, Selective Truths

President Obama and Mitt Romney have at times been stretching the truth, using statistics without context or just exaggerating.<<

And a little farther down:

A new book by a Washington Post reporter could raise further questions about how closely the President Obama's telling of his life hews to reality.  <<  

Hardly the "in the tank for Obama" propaganda blitz the GOP Ministry of Propaganda and its main organ FOX "News" would have you believe of the NY Times.

Conversely, balanced reporting like this is not to be found on any right wing site. At least none I've been able to find. I keep looking, but everything I find isn't just conservative--it's anti-Obama all the way. I'd love to find a link to a popular conservative site that has articles like the first two listed here. But I suspect it just doesn't exist.  

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