Friday, June 29, 2012

What's really wrong with Attorney General Holder?

Eric Holder is the tip of the spear in the Democrats' efforts to combat the Republican Party's nationwide conspiracy to suppress Democratic votes. 

So tying AG Holder in knots might help slow down the Justice Department long enough for the GOP to shift a tight election the one or two percent they need to put Mitt Romney's right hand in the White House. The rest of him will come along, but all the GOP needs is this eager-to-please guy's declared willingness to sign every bill the GOP Congress puts on his desk.

"Fast & Furious" is a diversionary tactic, focusing (watch Fox to see this) on the bloody shirt waving gambit, using a murdered border agent's grieving family as pawns to exploit the fear and anger of middle-aged white men, while the actual murderer is ignored, and the massive gun-running into Mexico to the vast profit of the American gun industry is ignored--along with the gun industry-mandated firearms laws designed to prevent, not help, law enforcement officials from figuring out whose guns went where, supported by angry white men who would rather see many thousands of firearms go to Mexico rather than see the gunrunners apprehended. Because they are the enemies of the very law and order they say they love. 

Talk about gun regulation and they talk about statism. Statism is Libertarian-speak for "evil government." People who talk that way are anarchists, even though when they see anarchists looting stores during leftist demonstrations they see red. But in reality they're no better.

And all because some Russian lady's parents' lands were confiscated by the Bolsheviks. Therefore all government is evil. But again, follow the money. The people financing this pathetic social dogma are the people who are stealing from taxpayers and don't want to be caught. Crooks hate cops.

Especially uppity black cops.

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