Monday, June 4, 2012

If you want efficient, purposeful government, vote for Romney

A Romney win will give us a Republican-controlled Congress (remember, their Senate minority, even if it continues, will enable them to block any and all Democratic initiatives), Judiciary, and Executive branch.

So your choice in November--as far as domestic economic policy goes--is whether you want the Republican dream of America enacted or thwarted. The Democratic Partys alternative dream won't happen in 2013 so it's irrelevant.

I believe Romney is telling the truth when he says he'll rubber-stamp the Ryan budget, approve no new taxes, overturn ObamaCare, continue the sweeping-away of government oversight of anything the GOP's wealthy patrons do for profit, and then do anything else that Grover Norquist--who will become the real President--tells Romney and Congress to do.

Rich MItt will be rewarded richly himself for all this. Perhaps $5 million a year from tax breaks just for folks like him.

But an Obama second term won't get us any legislation Obama advocates, because--news flash to those Flummoxed by Fox--in America, the President can't write or pass legislation. He can only veto it. So legislatively all Obama would give us is his ability to veto GOP legislation, and thus force compromise on them--which they've vowed to reject, so another four years of stalemate would most likely result.

On the face of it, efficiency sounds better than stalemate, doesn't it?

Unless the efficiency you're trying to avoid is the efficiency of speeding the lifeboat we're in over the lip of the falls....

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